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      韬略[风雨同行]单车部落 川藏先遣队

      Further to bicycle culture coming to Strategic, two staff, Xiong Xin and Xu Cai Wen, one morning woke up and as others have in the past, wondered if there was more to life than working in a helmet factory.  Perhaps there is! They believed Tibet to be the land of Purity where their body and soul would also be purified. On the way, they arrived in Ying Xiu town in Sichuan which was severely damaged during the 2008 earthquake.  From the ruins, the people of the town were rebuilding their homes.  Both Xiong Xin and Xu Cai Wen were deeply touched by their determination.

      When they finally arrived in Lhasa, their dreams came true. They recalled a poem from the Tang dynasty Li Bai: 
      It is easier to climb Heaven than take the Sichuan road. So after this, Xiong Xin and Xu Cai Wen will easily over come any obstacles.


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